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ResilientFighter said:
Millennials are smarter than the new gen of tide pod eaters by a lot but are stuck in an economy where they have no parents to support them and getting a job worthy of their degree is a nightmare. The old gen is bigoted in America so they clearly will insult all those who will dominate after they are too old to work and finally need assistance from the government.

I hate that mentaility.

Go and ask any generation older than you how much support they got fom their parents. You see people now a days living with their parents till they are in their 30's. In the past, people didn't dream of living with their parents once they graduated HS or where 18. They were out.

Degrees and getting a job. I blame that more on everything needing a degree now. Everything doesn't need a degree. What one used to be able to do without even a HS diploma now requires a bachelors degree, yet pays the same. My mom was at her job for 30 years and all of sudden they told her she needed to get a certain degree in the next 5 years or she would be fired.

SO it's not that jobs or starting salaries are shittier today than they were in the past, they are better, it's that they all just require a pointless expensive degree. What someone used to be able to start working at 18 with no debt, now is someone at 22 with 100k in debt.