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Qwark said:
DonFerrari said:
Every generation have issues, but yes I don't like millenials and younger.

Ahh and here I thought we could get along. Anyway this will be a reocurring pattern. In 10 years millenials will probably complaint about Gen Y/Z.

Young people want things to be different and older people want things to be the same. Older people see less value in New talents a new gen bring and see more value in their gens qualities. I live in Europe so elders actually rebuild our country. They work hard under poor conditions and have a much harder spirit and know how to deal with harsh times. Something we are not really capable off. Yet we see the need for a more sustainable world AMD the value of that while elder generations in general see less value in that, just as working behind a PC or with robots instead of your hand. 

Yes as general young people are progressist/revolutionaries while they mature and have experience they start to understand better their parents and why it's important to preserv things and become more conservatives.

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