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NobleTeam360 said:
Faelco said:

We didn't all grow up with internet though, it's the thing that opposes us to Gen Z. Millennial start in 1980, we're the last generation who "played outside" when we were kids, while Gen Z plays on computers and their parents iPad when they're 3 years old.

Millenials learned life without internet, and then grew up at the same time as internet, which makes us IMO more logical about it than other generations (we know how to use it, but we also know that life was possible without it). Gen Z kids are the one who would kill themselves if they had to live without internet for more than a day.

You're right about everything else though. The previous generations destroyed the economy (and the environment  society, etc...) and think that Gen Y is bad because we can't succeed as easily as them. Gen Y has to repair a lot of damage done by baby boomers and Gen X.

But I disagree about OP though. Everyone trashes Gen Z, more than Gen Y. Gen Z kids are the Tide pod challenge and Fortnite dances generation, usually considered the dumbest generation ever, intellectually impaired due to too much exposure to internet and social networks at a young age. My little sister, who was born in 1996 and is a "late millennial", grew up with millennials but then saw a lot of Gen Z kids when she was in high school (being a elementary/middle/high school together). She always told our family that she was impressed by how dumb and disconnected from reality the kids from Gen Z were. So really, don't mind too much what Gen Z kids say about millennials. I bet they don't even know what that means anyway. 

^^ this sums up how I feel quite nicely. Good post. 

Maybe I spend too much time on youtube but if you guys heard most people trash gen z maybe i need to be on other things besides facebook ?

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