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d21lewis said:
EricHiggin said:
'BC and old retro games are stupid'. Shortly thereafter the PS1 classic is announced.

'We have no plans for a future handheld after Vita'... I wouldn't take that too seriously, no reason(s) in particular.

Controllers that rumble were stupid, too...until they weren't anymore. Basically, "It's stupid until we decide to do it."


Back on subject, it's a shame the Vita didn't reach the level of success that the PSP did. It really was cutting edge and even now it impresses next to the Switch. I figured it was another Sony "10 year plan" device. I guess it goes to show that companies don't decide how long their product will stay on the market. Consumers do.

I still believe Vita was killed by Sony. Sony wanted people to look at Sony Mobiles products, and forced Sony Computer Entertainment to do things that would take it out of competition with the Xperia line. AT&T said Vita would get really amazing once 4G hit, but Sony killed the 3G model in the 1st year, and never even made the 4G model.

If Sony kills Xperia instead, and focuses on a 4G Vita, with Calling/Texting, and Available on contract, things would have been very very different. As Vita grew PlayStation Mobile would have gaind attention from major app developers, and it would have been a Handheld/Phone that could have competed for a small share of the market the Android and iOS completely took over.

Sony would have saved about $5 Billion in losses over the last 7 years, and have a viable Mobile business. The Vita/Xperia snafu is multiple times worse than the PS3 blunder. It cost them billions more and it still hasn't turned around.

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