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Darc Requiem said: Good lord man, do you read the responses people give you. Its been stated several times in this thread that its cheaper for Mexican gamers to import their 360s from the US than buy them from local retailers. One guy from Mexico even stated this. So its not that Mexican gamers account for zero sales its just the majority of their sales would count towards the US totals.
Because one person on the internet told me that, I should take it on faith alone? One person from Canada also told you that they account for more than 10% of US sales as Canada is more tech savvy and per capita buys more of that stuff... did you take that off of faith alone too? Anecdotal evidence means nothing in this debate... people can tell stories on either side of this debate all day, but I wouldn't take any of them for more than just what they are... And, as I stated numerous times - Mexico had an official launch, gets its own shipments, and is listed as an emerging country with strong video game sales. They do not simply import all their 360's from the US... that's crazy talk.