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outlawauron said:
animegaming said:

They be fools to not at least consider this, like some series such as Omega Labyrinth have moved to the Switch and some that moved to PS4 only like God Eater have yet to show up on the COMG chart. Plus some games like Ys Viii supposedly had a better opening on Switch then Vita despite being a late port

Uh, what?! Ys on Switch sold less than 1/5th of the Vita's first week.

He's probably refering to an insider's comment that Ys VIII's worldwide sales are in the same ballpark as the Vita version's worldwide sales.

A similar case is Disgaea 5 where the Switch version sold notably lower than the PS4 version in Japan, but sold similar numbers on a global basis. Disgaea 5's sales are confirmed by the publisher itself.

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