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Kerotan said:
Green098 said:

That'd seem like a bad move though considering Nintendo is still releasing 1st party 3DS titles in 2019...

Maybe it will last to 2020. We'll see. Either way after 2019 Nintendo isn't going to make money off selling new 3ds. Sales are already very low. 

While I agree that it would an awesome symbolic gesture (really frikkin awesome) for both to retire at the same time, 3DS sales are still way too high to consider retirement just yet. 

Vita is selling ~3k per week now.  3DS is still pushing over 50k per week.  Vita hasn't sold 50k during a September week since 2013 (47k).

I also don't understand how you can claim they will no longer make money on selling units after 2019?  The New 3DS XL and New 2DS XL are both still selling at their launch price.  They have lots of room for price cuts to maintain sales and/or profitability.

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