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DélioPT said:

The letdown:

Nintendo did a lot to create an image of a console for SONY and MS fans, and whatnot, and they have failed to bring anything more than ports, multiplats, but no real title to rival the best titles today and make it an exclusive.

Animal Crossing is a system seller, but it's mainly in Japan.

At end all comes to 3rd party not to Nintendo, and fact is that most of 3rd party thinks that Switch is more subtitle for last gen AAA ports, this gens AA and smaller games, than for this gens AAA games. I know you want new AAA 3rd party games and not ports of old, but power of Switch is that even ports/remasters of older great/strong games are making huge hype and making Switch even more desarible product.

With 3DS Animal Crossing is become big system seller even in West, on Switch will be even stronger and probably be best selling Animal Crossing game (15m) and huge system seller game.