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LuccaCardoso1 said:

Hey, I'm going to write an article on LGBT+ characters in video games, and I need some help. Can you help me remember some of them?

1) What do you think are some good and bad examples of LGTB+ representation in video games?

2) How do you feel about the quantity of LGBT+ characters in video games? Do you think there should be more, less or do you think there's enough?

3) Do you think that, in general, LGBT+ characters are well represented in games?

4) Are you LGBT+? (feel free to not answer this question if you don't feel comfortable)

1)  Bill from TLOU - The hints were subtle and he wasn't a stereotypical character.  I didn't even know he was gay until my second playthrough (Yeah, I'm clueless).  

2) I think there should be more, but it shouldn't feel forced.  

3)  Mixed.  A character's sexuality shouldn't be main focus of it.  Vivster summarized this "Just creating LGBT characters without making headlines beforehand and just let people find out themselves when they consume the media."  

4)  I'm gay.