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vivster said:
o_O.Q said:


"Please don't. The biggest issue with LGBT integration is the constant singling out. Sexuality is not a character trait. Sexuality, especially in video games, has little to no actual meaning to the story. So even mentioning it comes off as attention grabbing rather than being progressive. "


why don't you believe in efforts for pushing representation of lgbt people?

It's not the effort it's the way people try to do it. You know what would be a great step? Just creating LGBT characters without making headlines beforehand and just let people find out themselves when they consume the media. That will have a much bigger impact because it directly questions the consumers misconceptions about gender and sexuality.

Just have them fuck whatever they want and don't pretend as if it's something special. That's how integration works. We've reached perfect representation when no one even asks what sexuality a person has and rather just sees it and then proceeds to not care.

Even better when they don't need to put kisses or anything declared either straight or not, but subtle relationship, glazing, intimacy, etc. Just like in RL for most people. You won't really know the sexuality of most people unless you are friends with them, at most you may know they are married (and that can also be just to shelter).

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