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LuccaCardoso1 said:

Hey, I'm going to write an article on LGBT+ characters in video games, and I need some help. Can you help me remember some of them?

1) What do you think are some good and bad examples of LGTB+ representation in video games?


Bill. The Last of Us.

A very organic character who can be any average person. 0 emphasis on the sexual orientation to his story because it's not something to be glorified as it is nothing special. Very down to earth.


Ellie TLoU1/TLoU2

Kinda shoe-horned in Left Behind. A fully realized weapon for identity politics agenda in TLoU2.

2) How do you feel about the quantity of LGBT+ characters in video games? Do you think there should be more, less or do you think there's enough?

I think they should focus on making an organic character that sticks well to the story. Not some shoe-horned LGBT+ representation just to do Virtue Signaling or to be "progressive" like everyone should be.

3) Do you think that, in general, LGBT+ characters are well represented in games?

No. Not even in the mainstream media. Some just want to live a normal life and don't want to be glorified.

4) Are you LGBT+? (feel free to not answer this question if you don't feel comfortable)

No. Straight Male. I have no qualms with them.

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