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BoseDK said:
Spike0503 said:

I can only speak for myself but just as I think this Ciri situation is a bad decision, I thought that was a dumb idea as well. The main characters in that movie were mythological gods, most of which had been represented in Egyptian culture through animals or humans with animal heads, but if they were going to make them human then they should've looked like they belonged to Egypt. Which wasn't the case at all, obviously.

So don't generalize dude. Some of us call the BS as soon as we see it, no matter the color.

I wasn’t talking about God’s of Egypt specifically, I haven’t seen it.

white actors have been playing everyone since movies became a thing with no outrage I can remember.

was there a thread like this when Exodus had Christian bale playing Moses for instance? Did you voice your objection then?

I'm aware that it's something that has been happening for decades and I certainly don't support it.

Regarding Exodus, I honestly didn't watch it nor did I hear anything about the casting in its time but if it's guilty of the same BS as God of Egypt I would certainly object to that movie as well.