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deskpro2k3 said:
Faelco said:

Is that a joke? 

Complexion literally means "color of the skin". So her skin color is "ashen white". How can you quote something saying "her skin is white", and ask where it's said that her skin is white...


A bit ironic to say "let me break it down for those people to understand" when you fail to understand the most important word in the sentence... 

I tried to be civil but your ignorance is showing.

The first quote that I assumed people are using as a base for this dabate is false because the book never used those words. So I specifically gave direct quotes from two real sources. So you didn't know you can use complexion to discribe the appearence and perspective of things. I hope you learned something from this experience. 

Somebody, get this guy a chair.


So you're now trying to say that the quote means "she has a white perspective" or "she has a white appearance but not white skin"? 


2 other people taught you the obvious meaning of the word. Don't try to cover your mistake by now going in a dictionary to choose any secondary meaning with no relation to the sentence.


And you even dare to be condescending... No no, go ahead, it's so much better than to admit that you made a mistake. Keep digging!