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They're certainly over-represented in my game library but that's how I like it.

SpokenTruth said:
"I woman on the battle field is not realistic."

Says the guy getting shot 10 times and still running

It's not like this occurrence is without consequence. In World at War, you get shot 10 times, you'll likely be dead in the game at that point; sooner than that most likely. Two or three shots and you need to take cover to heal.

SpokenTruth said:
while carrying 8 weapons, 5 grenade types, 4 ammo types

I recall less weaponry being carried by your character in WaW.

SpokenTruth said:
never slows down

I recall the 'sprint' ability being limited in WaW.

SpokenTruth said:
never eats, never shits

No time for that when in the middle of battle.

SpokenTruth said:
can fall from 30 feet with no broken bones

I recall WaW having fall damage.

SpokenTruth said:
is a private but can call in a god damn air strike that conveniently happens 5 seconds later...

It's a video game and in a constantly-shifting battlefield, timing is critical. The alternative, minutes of set-up, would be terribly impractical.

SpokenTruth said:
but has a problem with a pair of boobs ruining his authentic, historical experience

Only in a WW1, WW2, or other historical setting. Got no problem with boobs running around in Overwatch or Paladins. As a matter of fact, the girls tend to be my favorite characters; I always play as a girl in Splatoon and just about any other game.