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Jaicee, I think that like in many other cases you are infusing your experiences with other websites in a VGC-centric thread and that is detrimental to the overall point you are trying to make, because you are accusing this particular community of more than actually happens. You create a basis for your thread that can push people into immediate defense mode.

That being said, you have to consider that video games are the mass medium with the strongest focus on male fantasies. Actually, it's only the mass medium where male fantasies are the cream of the crop, the bread and butter of the industry. Women and political correctness have already taken over movies and TV, so video games are the last remaining place. For men who want to bathe in male fantasies, there is a strong defensive reaction every time there is a sign that women or male feminists want to limit that fun. Conversely, there aren't going to be widespread complaints about too many games that appeal to male fantasies, because that is what the overwhelmingly male audience of gaming forums wants or is fine with.

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