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vivster said:

Art and fiction is not and should not be about equal representation so this question is moot.

Calling something over or under represented is suggesting that there is a right amount of representation, which is false.

What this guy said. I will add though, based on your threads the last few months that either you are ignorant to the truths of the narratives you try to peddle and continuelingly revel in that ignorance as user correct you on here with illuminating thoughts and sometimes facts or you are being continuelingly fed false information in your real life and really believe these talking points to be 100 percent fact. I hope it's the latter because doing this every time you post a thread where you ask a question, then get a multitude of varied relpies and never question the topic based on the replies while continuing to believe the 'question' you put forth shows you aren't asking a question but making a statement and hoping for confirmation of that statement from like minded individuals. 

... what the hell is the point in the end. Why not just replace the question mark with an exclamation point, be done with it and not waste anyone's time. 

Again, I hope the latter. 


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