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Interesting thread...

On one side we have a discussion where people generalized on the dumbness of Gamestop employees (hoping you don't count EB Games employees because I'm one of these and we are three person in the store who are really honest with custommers).

On an other side we have a discussion about Nintendo's graphics...

We can made it clear; there's somes IP like Metroid or Zelda who can be subect of realistic graphics, on the other hand we have others IP like Mario who are based on artistic design, does that make a problem to someone ???

And finally we have the principale thread about the future of Nintendo...

I remember we many people were saying that Nintendo will leave the hardware for the software only. Even if the GameCube was the last one in the last gen, it was a financial success for Nintendo, so no the industry without Nintendo is really far far away, particulary if we take in account all the money they have made with as of now, the 1st party games and the Virtual Console.

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