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mrstickball said:
Ha! Member #53!

I haven't been active in ages, but came back to see what's new. Maybe I'm getting old, but the UI for VGC is kind of.... Old-school, and I forget how to use it.

My wife still has one of my VGChartz shirts from when I went to E3 with a bunch of VGC-ers back in 2010/2011. Its going to be dopey to say "Those were the good old days", but the groups were pretty fun then, taking on NPD and what not. I got a job due to contributions I made here - best job of my life. As you get older, things change though, and I dropped out from VGC and video gaming almost entirely. Having a family puts a huge damper on it, as more responsibilities come into play.... My first daughter is named after a video game character (which after 6 years, no one has ever once realized), yet I've bought only one, maybe two, new games in the past year.

Does Brett Walton still have anything to do with VGChartz?

He's still the site owner. He made a very brief return to posting earlier this year, making a handful of comments in 2 threads before disappearing into the night again.

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