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Xxain said:
JRPGfan said:

This looks lazy? or is it just me?

Nope. Another low end attempt by SEGA at reviving classic IP's with as little effort as possible. Sonic Mania opened the door to allow SEGA to get a pass on this. They're  the only Japanese developers exploiting the "have fans make it" tactic. They have zero respect for what built their legacy. Nintendo would never this happen and its why they're the ones still making consoles.

Who understands better what makes a franchise good than it's own fans? Mania was a masterpiece, the best Sonic game since 1994. Sega has proven that they no longer understand what made these classic games so good, but fans still remember. Clearly Sega was going to try another retro, fan made reboot after Mania worked out so well. You call it lazy, I call it smart. Streets of Rage would not have translated well to 3D, or even 2.5D with modern graphics, I'd 10x rather have this retro inspired hand drawn artstyle.