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Xeon said:
TheLastStarFighter said:

So you support illegal immigration?  Most immigrants I know dislike when people cheat a system they had to work within.

I support helping people who are desperate. Like I said, my parents fled illegally from Vietnam to Hong Kong where I was then born. We came to Canada legally but that wouldn't have been possible if my parents didn't take the risk of fleeing illegally in the first place.

It was certainly tough for my parents to integrate to Canada, but they did what they could. Fortunately, I was much more successful all thanks to their risk and sacrifice. I am grateful to Canada as well and work hard to pay back a nearly impossible debt.

When the rule of law bends then it might as well bend to all. First and foremost it should be equal and fair among all those it encompasses.

What they should do is find a better job at helping those in crisis rather than encourage illegal immigration by welcoming them and being very tolerant about it.

We came from a third world country. Our family might have not been downright at the bottom end of poverty but waiting 10 years in separation till we got properly processed for migration was no easy task. My father died of cancer a year before we were allowed to migrate. Someone entering illegally is just down right bullshit no matter what the circumstance. We respected the law and we expect the same goes for everyone. Nobody is above it.

Otherwise, let there be anarchy as we're not even trying to be fair to those who respected that line.

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