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routsounmanman said:
I still find it baffling that companies like Bethesda and Blizzard support Switch with quality games (don't care that much that many are ports), while Japanese companies like Atlus, Bandai-Namco, SEGA and Konami are lacking in comparison. Don't even get me started on Capcom.

To be fair Bandai-Namco and SEGA are giving sold support to Switch, Atlus, Konami and Capcom could easily gave much stronger.


bubblegamer said:
"hugely popular" lol more like not good enough to share numbers. They would say good or great if it wasn't a spin.

You do realise that Bethesda almost never share sales numbers!? I think last time they share numbers was launch of Fallout 4.


DélioPT said:
I gotta say i'm surprised by this comment.

Given the sales numbers (vgchartz's) either he exaggerated or their expectations were really, really low for some games.
For example, Doom, which released pretty at the same time as Sonic Forces, sits at 351.783 units, whereas SF sits at 618.334 units. This is Doom vs a critically panned title...
Also, WF2: TNC, is, in it's 3rd week, selling a third of what Doom sold in the same time frame.

I really can't comprehend how ALL games were "hugely popular".

Only reason why you are suprised because that comment is because dont fit with your agenda that hardcore 3rd party games and in this case Bethesda games cant have good sales on Switch, even if fact is that Bethesda before also said they are satisfied with sales on Switch and that they will contine their support, and that we already seeing that.

Also, VGC numbers are not always even near accurate, fact that Bethesda releasing Doom Eternal on Switch means that Doom was popular, that sold good and that they are satisfied with Switch sales, no way they would releasing Doom Eternal if Doom wanst popular on Switch. If I would to guess we talking about more than 500k with digital sales, and thats quite good number for late and full priced port, they made millions of clear profit.