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NightlyPoe said:

I should probably also note that although the hush money stuff could be real, I'm not sure if I believe it's a crime.  In normal circumstances, it's perfectly legal to pay someone not to talk.  At worst, they'd be the victims of a blackmailer, not the criminals.  So the question is whether it's a campaign contribution.

I actually rather doubt that they'd bother to indict Trump even if he weren't president because that's a bit of a legal leap and they just wouldn't want the bother of trying to prove that particular legal theory.  The only reason Cohen likely plead out on that specific charge was because they had him on other things.  Otherwise, I think he could have fought it and probably would have won.

Yes. Cohen pleaded guilty to tax fraud, false statements to a bank and campaign finance violations tied to his work for Trump.
There is no question any more if it was a campaign contribution. At least not in this case as it stands, because he agreed that it was and pleaded guilty to just that. (If Trump stands trial, his legal team will no doubt contest it though.)

Keep in mind that Clinton was impeached just for lying about having sex with a woman in his office.
Trump has been implicated in federal crimes. That didn't even happen to Nixon.

Ok... this is very interesting. Cohen's lawyer just informed CNN that when Cohen said Trump directed him to break these laws, he was referring to what Trump's own lawyers wrote in a letter to the special council. In it they apparently wrote that Trump "directed Cohen to make that payment." 

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