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TallSilhouette said:
Ganoncrotch said:
thing as well... remote play is a grand way of enjoying your AAA titles when you're away from the ps4 a bit.... Then you get on a Train or a Plane and yeah... back to twiddling your thumbs for the duration of the flight.

Not if your plane has a StarLink or OneWeb antennae. ;)

As of yet I do not live in 2020, nor would I believe that you could effectively lag free play a game at even 540p using satellite broadband on a plane.

Just think about the science of this from a latency point of view, at best both those solutions suggest you'll have maybe 5-10 satellites available to you, even at the speed of light the beam would need to leave your Vita, go through the router on the plane, into the antenna, travel to the satellite, bounce from there to their ground receivers, pass that data to your ISP and get it routed to your PS4.... and all the way back, in 16 hundreds of a second for 60fps, keep in mind that it takes light 1/8 of a second to fly around the world un-suppressed by tech which it would need to pass through.

At the end of it all those net options (suggest they can) offer up to 50Mb connections to a plane... or 6.25MB which would be fine to stream from a data point of view (not latency by a mile as shown above) but that would require the entire planes net connection to do it.




"Historically, earlier companies that have attempted to build satellite internet service networks and provide space-based internet connections have not fared well, as both services were hobbled by high costs which consequently attracted few users. Iridium SSC filed for bankruptcy protection in 1999 and Globalstar did the same in 2002.[9]"

So yeah.... Switch works without requiring a system which bankrupt multiple companies trying to pull off what would be required for the Vita/PS4 link to work.

I'm not saying this sort of data link would never be possible, but you're talking at least 20 years out imo before it's commercially viable and available.

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