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With the recent success of portable gaming with nintendo switch and mobile games like PUBG and Fortnite. I'm pretty sure Big three are working on ways to target that demographic, not just with games but with hardware feature for their next gen consoles, and In my opinion Sony might be sleeping on their killer feature remote play.

Sure sony has been doing remote play since PSP and ps3 which was half baked, But with Ps4 and psvita they went all in, unfortunately the way PSvita was handled sony killed this incredible machine, even with no games Psvita is incredible for remote play, but no one is going to buy it just for that, So the next logical step for sony is to open remote play on to every android and iOS phones. Right now only Xperia phones have remote play feature and I used to use it all the time on my Xperia Z3 before I bought PSvita. 

So with PS5 I hope Sony innovates Remote play even further and opens it up to all the devices coz ability to stream and play a game on a device which you already carry is highly underrated.