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Nuvendil said:
GhaudePhaede010 said:

While you are correct about it not outselling World, your reasoning is fairly off. It came out last August when there was only a few million Switches out there. Switch was selling out routinely so there was no chance Monster Hunter could boost sales. Lastly, it came out on 3DS as well in Japan. This fact alone ensured the sales would be limited as there are over 20 million 3DS users in Japan who would have 0 incentive to try fighting for a Switch to play Monster Hunter at that point.

The game has reviewed well and was received well in Japan. That tells me that you were just trolling with those comments. With all that said, I completely understand how the quality of life improvements and graphical upgrades will make going back to Monster Hunter on handheld seem like a terrible idea. I am one of the few people with the ability to go back to Generations Ultimate because I see it as the handheld version vs the full console version being on PC (or PS4/XBOX One). However, people that are looking for the comparable console experience from Generations Ultimate are likely going to be disappointed.

Excuse me but I do not troll.  And I never said the game was bad, I simply explained why most Japanese gamers weren't interested.  And no, XX was a massive drop sales wise and reception wise by the general audience in Japan vs X because XX was a moderate upgrade of a game that was already just a greatest hits version of old stuff.  X was supposed to be a stop gap, it getting an ultimate version clearly didn't go over well.  And I already acknowledged the 3DS version, hence why I said it was a port being one of the reasons it failed to sell like Monster Hunter should.  And the install base at time of launch argument is BS.  Zelda, Mario Kart, Splatoon 2 have all outsold it by enormous margins despite launching during that same period when "few" Switch's were out.  Monster Hunter XX Switch didn't sell as well because most MonHun fans were sick of the game by that point and the port did nothing but wrap itself in HD textures and a few ver modest post processing effects.

Maybe you are not a troll; rather, not bright. I see you think that each one of the listed facts makes up the whole of the argument instead of all of those listed facts COMBINED making up the whole of the argument. Also, how can a game sell like Splatoon when it comes out on 3DS as well? Splatoon 2 did not and even Mario Kart was released much, much later from a far less successful console (3DS was clearly not less successful). Also, the game was received well in Japan and it sold well in Japan as well. At least, according to Capcom it did.

However, if I was presenting one of those arguments on its own as the reason the game did not sell millions, you would be correct. But since I am saying ALL of those things (especially the game coming out on 3DS at the same time... hell, I can look at Smash, a Nintendo title, and see it sold better on 3DS than Wii U so...) combined to give Monster Hunter problems (and hell, I can even add your argument as well since it could be true) sales wise. With that in mind, all of the stuff listed between the two of us plus the 20 dollar price hike compared to the 3DS version it was ripped from probably did the game in. My point was that you gave a very, very brief and inaccurate report on why the game did not do as well as World. But if you think it was only that one reason (which is stupid... really, players were burned out? Yeah, that was the problem...) or the two weak reasons you listed, then maybe you are not a troll... maybe you are ignorant. Or maybe you are stupid. I dunno.

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