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RolStoppable said:
farlaff said:

Hi there, fellows. Has anyone here played Salt and Sanctuary, Furi and (or) Dead Cells on Switch? I really wanted some impressions because I will eventually get all those games and the Switch would be my go to place for that kind of thing, but since action games need reliable performance to be more enjoyable, I was wondering if it wouldn't be better to get one or some of those on my PC. A guy's review, for instance, made me give up from getting Slain: Back from Hell on Switch because the framerate seems to be very unstable in the systems version. Heard similar things on Metascore user reviews for Furi. Any thoughts? 

My physical copy of Dead Cells should arrive tomorrow or on Wednesday. The developers have admitted that the game drops into the 40-50 fps range, but not how frequently it happens; they've also promised a patch in case there are many complaints, but said patch wouldn't arrive before November. Players have claimed that the game can drop into the 20-30 fps range, but exaggeration is common on the internet. Of course framerate drops correlate with which weapons are used, because some of them have more demanding special effects. Locations also play a part.

I'll be able to tell you about my personal experience in a few days. I expect the game to run fine most of the time and most framerate drops to be bearable, i.e. without a significant negative effect on controls and gameplay.

That's great, Rol. Thank you very much for the post. Look forward to your impressions.

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