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As a bachelor in history, I'd say read everyday. It is important to get in that reading rythm, as you will get a lot of reading assignments (which are quite too often boring as hell). Also, read more than is acquiered. History is about understanding, not just repeating what they tell you. Get some texts or books about the same subjects but with different theories and try to position yourself in that debate. Every generation rewrites its own history, so don't be reluctant to pick up some oldtimers like Huizinga, von Ranke, Febvre, Bloch etc... (you will probably have to read them anyway), to really understand the tendencies of history. You won't get through History in college if you don't have passion for it and like to write (and re-write).

As for the dorm, I have no clue. I just reside in an appartment near the citycampus.