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IamAwsome said:
ITT: "This is bad because I personally don't like Microsoft because reasons".

Seriously? People always complain because Microsoft doesn't have many studios, so why are people complaining when they acquire one? Especially a studio with experience in something MS doesn't do often (probably a response to "Xbox has no diversity!"). I can understand not wanting to build a studio from scratch as it takes time, so why is there so much backlash when MS does exactly what people say they want them to do?

Yeah, I really don't understand some people's logic here. 

These past few years, hell even most of this generation, have been arguably the worst for Microsoft exclusive wise, and they've criticized by so many people for how big their first party problem was compared to Nintendo and Sony's amazing output of exclusives. Now they're finally doing what people said they needed to do, expanding their first party studios, but then now that's a problem all of a sudden too, apparently.

Like, what do they want them to do then? Building every new studio from the ground up would take too long, we already don't know how long before we will be able to see something from the one new studio they did create called The Initiative. Plus it's not like Microsoft is forcing these studios to join them, they are offering and the studios are choosing to accept then. 

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