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CarcharodonKraz said:
Game seemed to play well, but it took a while to figure out how to start a match. Also I didn't see a training mode so I played 3 matches and SORTA learned how to play while getting demolished for 3 matches. Not sure how much testing they'll get done w such a nice uninviting setup. Will probably grab the game tho.seems like it will b fun for local play and I'm sure there's a single player.

Yeah there is a nice arcade mode and a story mode that takes place after fused Zamasu but before the tournament of power.  It even makes enough sense to fit into the canon too.


It is played through three arcs, basically telling the same story based on what would happen if a certain event went down differently.  Through all three perspectives you eventually get a grasp on everything that is really going on, and it is pretty cool.


After you explore all that, maybe try ranked matches online.  Most online matches are done through NPCs like Xenoverse, so the mess you see in the beta is not how you will be doing it in the final game.  It is definitely worth it IMO.

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