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Shiken said: 

I then decided to Switch to the pro controller as using the stick feels clunky to me (personal preference) and decided to try the D Pad on it instead.  I noticed an immediate improvement, however it still paled in comparison to my dualshock 4 D Pad.  All in all, so far it looks like I will not be double dipping on this game.

That is not to say it is a bad port, from what I could tell it is solid.  However I do not feel like getting used to another gampad just to play it on the Switch.  Especially since when playing on the go, I would be using the joycons which ATM seems unplayable to me.  So if I am tied to the TV anyway, there is no reason for me to own anything other than the PS4 version.

If there is a training or tutorial mode in the Beta (there was a Tutorial mode where you performed certain trials in the PS4/XBO Beta) you could go in there to see if you experience the same issue with the controls to rule out online latency.