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So the online test for the Switch version of Dragonball FighterZ is now live, and I decided to give it a go this morning.


First things first...the visuals.  Having come from the PS4 Pro version of the game, I must say that I am impressed.  As expected, it is not near as sharp as it is on the pro, but the visuals do hold up decently enough on my 50" 4k TV.  Performance wise however, I am not sure.  My experience was not as smooth, but this was a rushed test that I may or may not give another go later in the weekend.


I was too focused on the controls...they just did not feel as responsive to me.  Now my opponent was pulling off combos left and right without a problem it seemed, so I was worried I was experiencing latency.  However I do not think this was the case, as I think it was the controller itself.  The D Pad on the joycons just did not do it for me, and I found it very difficult to pull off super moves and the like.  So I began using the control stick instead, and things got a little bit easier.


I then decided to Switch to the pro controller as using the stick feels clunky to me (personal preference) and decided to try the D Pad on it instead.  I noticed an immediate improvement, however it still paled in comparison to my dualshock 4 D Pad.  All in all, so far it looks like I will not be double dipping on this game.


That is not to say it is a bad port, from what I could tell it is solid.  However I do not feel like getting used to another gampad just to play it on the Switch.  Especially since when playing on the go, I would be using the joycons which ATM seems unplayable to me.  So if I am tied to the TV anyway, there is no reason for me to own anything other than the PS4 version.


So anyone else give it a go yet, and if so what are your impressions thus far?  How do the joycons work for you, and to those who also played on the PS4, is it as difficult for you to adjust as it is for me?


Also as I said I was so focused on the controller that I did not take much note of the performance.  It seemed good to me, but I would like to hear the opinion of someone who looked at it a bit closer as well.

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