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pokoko said:
It kind of pisses me off that something this meaningful and important is just another battleground for some people to defend or attack based on whichever "side" they pledge allegiance. The Right and The Left have created such a cavern of antagonistic ignorance that almost no one even cares about the truth anymore--they just care about victory or defeat and they're quite willing to watch the world go down in flames for the sake of their sacred political direction.

That is more of an US thing as many other nations have more than just left and right, more than just two political parties. But yeah, I kind of agree that people generalize and polarize things too much. You either with me or against me :P

I think that the problem that is illuminated by that study, has deep roots and is one that would need many things to be changed in order to get it fixed. US, China, Russia and other huge nations are so big that its no wonder they have a lot of problems, its not easy to steer nations of that size. Its much easier to do things right in a smaller scale, in a smaller country like Norway or Denmark.