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Aeolus451 said:
Then again the 0.01 wouldn't have accomplished what they did if they believed as you did. I kinda agree with you but I kinda don't. If someone has a gift or talent they should pursue it. Sometimes it takes a bit to develop it.

No, sorry, these people had the talent that fueled their pursuit of whatever they wanted to do. If Taylor Swift  (if you like her) wasn't born with the voice, her family or friends wouldnt have pushed her to pursue it. Ability came first then they learned to like it.

What I'm referring to are people who don't, or will never have, the ability to pursue something as a career. For example, my dream has always been to be a professional StarCraft player. But I quickly realized I neither have the talent nor the speed to make that happen. So I play for fun. If I realized in the beginning that I was good, I would keep at it and pursue it professionally. I would only do that if I realized I'm good.

Ability comes first.