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When I watch an awards show and an actress delivers a speech saying "follow your dreams", I have to swallow my own vomit.

She ignores the fundamental truth: she is one in a million. She got there through looks, talent, connections, etc. that the other 99.99% don't have. She didn't get there by "following her dreams" or "pursuing her passion". She got there because she had a nice smile/knockers, could cry on command, or her father owns the studio.

For every American Idol winner, there are thousands of people who simply can't sing and are too delusional to accept it. They then go on wasting their time trying to "follow their dreams" fruitlessly while watching other opportunities pass them by.

Why are there so many pansies who keep looking at the 0.1% and accept it as reality? NO, YOUR DREAMS WON'T COME TRUE. THEY'LL ONLY COME TRUE UNDER A VERY SPECIFIC SET OF CIRCUMSTANCES FOR A VERY SPECIFIC SET OF PEOPLE.

You can like something as a hobby, do it with your friends, and be happy. But be realistic. There are things you can do as a career and there are things you simply can't.

How about "follow your abilities" or "follow reality" or "follow opportunities" instead? Or how about get your head out of your ass and work for a living instead of fooling around with something that will never happen?

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