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This situation isn't really comparable to Roseanne. Roseanne said some shit about a political aide that could easily be interpreted as racism. ABC fired her to save face and she apologized. Not even a day passes until she takes back her apology and begins ridiculing and mocking this person again because they're associated with a political figure she doesn't like. She then goes on Twitter rants and a FOX News interview in order to gain sympathy points for making some fucked up comments. She didn't learn anything and is engaging in the typical "leftists are evil and inhumane" conversation that proves she hasn't learned her lesson. ABC was completely justified in firing her. Sarah Jeong made reprehensible comments about an entire gender and race in 2014 in order to be a provocateur and got called out on her racist and sexist statements. She has since apologized for these statements and admits that they were a bad attempt to replicate the language of individuals that targeted her for her gender and ethnicity. Its been 4 years and she has presumably grown up and changed as a person since than. This attempt to mark her as Satan is similar to the attempts to make statements said by James Gunn and Donald Trump several years ago a political tool to completely dismiss them. Everyone says regrettable shit and everyone has to learn to grow from the mistakes they make. Jeong, Gunn, and Trump have apologized extensively for the comments they have made and are on the process of trying to better themselves. I'm not saying that her statements were acceptable and action needs to be taken if she says shit like that again, but I feel that this movement to demonize her is just another chapter added to the outrage culture that's perpetuated by both the left and the right.