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quickrick said:
Miyamotoo said:

Yeah, my bad, but like I wrote, July will again be huge month for Switch, probably 300k+, and August will probably be also be YoY up. Last year July+August combined sold around 430k, this year we probable talking around 550k+.

june is always much bigger then july, 4 vs 5 weeks, and its just a stronger month even when comparing 4 weeks, then june had E3 for nintendo, a big promotion in gamestop with the amazing trade in deal, plus mario aces which was a heavy advertised game, and fortnite release on switch.


quickrick said: 

zorg1000 said: 

It did last quarter but they also mentioned that momentum has been increasing in each region since around E3 so looks like they might have a good summer.

We'll see i mean with out hard numbers this could mean anything, july is always gonna trend upward compared to april, may and june.

Another narrative inconsistency...?