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Green098 said:
quickrick said:
Momentum is diffidently slowing down for switch, last year if there was stock, would make this years numbers look pathetic. interesting note Europe combined with ROTW has out shipped the americas for the first time by 30k.

From Nintendo's Earning Release

For Nintendo Switch, hardware sales in every region have been trending upwards since the video game expo, E3, was held in the US in June. In parallel with an increase in digital sales, software sales also have been moving in good shape towards the holiday season.


Nintendo is also keeping their forecast of 20 million HW and 100 million SW sales for this FY.


We'll see in the long run I guess...

Nintendo will not change the forecast no matter what, there was a quarter the wiiu shipped 70k and they kept the same forecast. even though everybody it would take a miracle and then some to be even close. 

zorg1000 said:

quickrick said:
Momentum is diffidently slowing down for switch

It did last quarter but they also mentioned that momentum has been increasing in each region since around E3 so looks like they might have a good summer.

We'll see i mean with out hard numbers this could mean anything, july is always gonna trend upward compared to april, may and june.