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coolbeans said:

HuffPo article: 

Fox News To Add ‘For Entertainment Purposes Only' Disclaimer

"Editor's note: Happy (belated) April Fool's Day. This story was originally published in 2017."

Haha this is just too funny.  So, let me get this straight: after going on a paragraph-long tirade indirectly pegging me as just another bullsh***er on these threads throwing out links without reading the source material...you decide to...base the entirety of your first argument on an April Fool's joke article?  It only took your next response on this thread to harm whatever credibility you may have had.  Either that or this is some "ZOMG Trump-level 4D chess"/trolling you're trying to pull off to confuse me; if so, congrats on actually living up to your username.  For now, I'm going to have to assume it's the former b/c you appear to stress the point in all seriousness.

Your assessment of that 2nd link leaves a lot to be desired.  For one, you're also overemphasizing the logistical/timing dilemma w/ Feinberg interview.  And even IF CNN WASN'T initially included, Dag Vega (part of Obama WH) specifically states "we prefer if you skip Fox News please" in an official email.  This is pretty much in line with what I've said before: "[Obama admin] attempting to actively bar FOX from pool coverage of interviews with Feinberg."  And the fact remains this only got redressed after all other media outlets pulled out unless Fox was allowed in the pool as well (as brought up by the NYT in that Judicial Watch link as well).  I know we've done a lot of straying into whataboutism since I responded here, but I've got to say...this kind of leniency would never be afforded to Trump admin.  I know we have a more cut-n-dry situation brought up in this thread--which is definitely bad, but even if it were more indirect like the situation I've presented: it would be open season by certain people on here.  

Yeah, you're about 3 hours late on that one.  I already admitted to jumping the gun with that link and relying on the person who got kicked out (biased source who didn't disclose all the info).

LOL, you got me on the "Satire of Fox News being only entertainment".  Just checking to see if you were paying attention.  My point still stands that even that first link was nothing but an opinion piece.  When you have a network that does things like this and want respect from the white house I would believe you would see push back.  


Or this


Negative coverage is one thing, when you have to invent your scandals is something different.  Either way, you are correct that Obama administration did not favor Fox but do not forget that Obama was not giving any leeway during his term. 

I agree that Trump gets a lot of hate but then again I also believe he fuels it.  Trump is the only president that does not use his media department to release statements instead Tweeting out any thought that come to his head.  We have seen what happens when people use Twitter, facebook or any other social media platform to convey their thoughts without thinking first on what they are saying.  Trump tweets out statements and we need people to interpret what he means.  If you are a Trump supporter you look for the more favorable line, if you are not supporter you see it the most negative.  If you cannot clearly convey your thoughts properly and its up to the listener to interpret what you say, there will always be conflict.