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massimus said:
Pemalite said:


Well. In this instance, the Government is interfering and limiting an organization.
To me, that is not okay.

Again, I am not pretending to be an expert on American law, but if that was here... Questions would certainly be asked.

Lmao! I see what you did there.


Thats funny because she was interfering by yelling questions at him. They didn’t even treat Bush like that and they treated him like shit. Obama got yelled at once about policy and the other media in the room lashed out at the reporter lol. I have never seen any president treated this way on such a daily basis, it’s incredible.

They just don’t see him as a legitimate president and it’s warped. CNN shits on the office and they are nobody, some random corporation. They have no authority over a president. They took to a personal vendetta because he personally attacks their brand. Sometimes for good reason, sometimes just to be an asshole. They lose every time they try to face him though and that’s every day lol. His approval numbers go up despite their constant negative coverage which is tanking their ratings. This has been going on for awhile. 


How is he interfering with CNN? Are they not going to play 24/7 Trump coverage now? Of course they will lmao! CNN playing as the victim? Don’t fall for that shit bro, they don’t report the news they make the news. CNN tabloiders can kick rocks. im not an expert either, Americans learn their rights at a young age. Don’t need the wiki lol.


Well. I never said the CCN reporter wasn't being an ass. - I don't know much about CNN because they simply don't exist here, but either way. It is what it is.
But you just don't limit press, regardless of what or how they report on something, let the market decide on their outcome instead.