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Mr Puggsly said:
Nem said:

Don't care if you do. I actually don't expect many who got him there to learn until it personally hits them. You got more to lose from it than me.

And also, it's not just that. It isn't one concern. There are countless terrible things he is doing. You thinking he wouldn't try to make a play for power, is naive though.  I'm sure that's what the Turkish were saying about Erdogan. xD

Fearmongering, its already a tactic by left here in the states.

The nonsense you're spewing is what helped a network like CNN become a joke. We've come full circle in this discussion.

Some would argue Obama did some terrible things, objectively. A president making unpopular decisions isn't equal to dictatorship.

No, the things Obama did were nothing in comparison.

He made health insurance widely available, he cared about the environment and our future generations, he worked with his allies to keep the free world safe and he did not bow to dictators. He got Osama bin laden, he didn't tell us how great and powerful Putin is in a shameful bowing display. He was smart and strong.

Trump has done the opposite. He is a menace to the free world. You underestimating how destructive he can be whether by ignorance or malice. That is what will come full circle for you.

Fear mongering has nothing to do with politics. The left is the politic current that cares more about the society, the population, health, education, it's well being. The right is the politic that treats people has sacks of dirt in favor of the rich. It's a crude way of putting it but that is what differentiates them.

Heck your fearmongering arguments mirrors what was said back when Hitler came into power. It's ok, he is not serious, he won't do it... and then a reality check. This is how it begins.

The decline of the US has been brought by the American right. Your political system is a joke (2 parties lol). Your insistence in not opening your eyes is what is leading you down the drain. Heck, you hardly have a left at all because the DMC is more right than left. You have no idea what the left is and you believe the lies the republicans feed you and results in a neutered uneducated population that can be easily controlled and taken advantage of. A joke at your expense.