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I love the Yakuza-Games :) My reasons:

1) the story is extremely exciting
2) The boss-fights are legendary
3) The gameplay has many great features, RPG elements & mini games
4) I am interested in Japanese culture
5) the characters are very varied and interesting
ect =) My favorite characters are: Kazuma, Akiyama, Makoto, Kaoru Sayama, the golden dragon and Tachibana :) And Majima is so crazy xD

I'm really looking forward to Yakuza Kiwami 2 in august :) Yakuza 2 had one of the best video game stories of all time. I want this Remake now : D And the ("Yakuza Zero"-)extras are very exciting too. Good work, Sega!

PS: Anyone interested in japanese culture or exciting stories with many great gameplay-possibilities should try a Yakuza-game ;)

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My Game of the Year 2019: Death Stranding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFHK9zXyXsw&feature=emb_logo

Cant wait of FF7 Remake/Last of Us 2/Ghost of Tsushima