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mjk45 said:
Pemalite said:

Sony can also rent out Azure.
If Microsoft succeeds in this endeavor, it will end up being fantastic advertisement for one of their most lucrative and fastest growing businesses.

I'm not up to speed with how azure and other cloud businesses are  structured ,but  would I be right in thinking the biggest factor in cost and  the reason azure is worldwide is  its focus isn't just gaming  whereas  Now is specific and Sony if it just keeps to game streaming could expand it at considerably less cost since it doesn't need to replicate azure in it's entirety to gain coverage , like Pemalite said it could rent from Azure or Amazon what it needed  leaving them space  to consider how they move forward with it's Now network , plus if its a slow take off  they only need to rent  enough to cover their needs.

Well. Azure is incredibly modular.
But you are right, cost is the biggest factor here, Microsoft simply has more online businesses, more infrastructure and more money than Sony.

Microsoft does also rent some of the same big fat internet pipes (Like Akami) that Sony does, Microsoft just buys more bandwidth in Bulk.

HollyGamer said:

Or SONY can work with Google, it's not like Microsoft who only have Cloud system around the world 

That is of course an option.
But I was trying to place a strong emphasis that there is also zero reason why they couldn't use Microsoft's Azure.

HoloDust said:

I have to admit I really don't have a clue were collision detection comes in game engines, and what other steps CPU has to finish before getting to collision - my assumption (probably erroneous) is it needs to do the whole game logic locally and then send data to cloud for rendering, from which I draw conclusion that it needs same or similar CPU as full Scarlet.

Almost. A big chunk of CPU time is due to stuff like Draw Calls, if that is done server time, then that is significantly less CPU time needed locally.

But... Then again, Microsoft may have thought of something I haven't, they surprised me with a few aspects of how they achieved backwards compatibility for instance, they really do have some amazing software engineers.

setsunatenshi said:

@bold: that's all fine in theory, but I heard that same story a few years ago and the game that was supposed to display the "Powah of teh cl0ud" has been in development hell for years now (Crackdown 3).

I don't see the technology existing that could eliminate the inevitable lag by outsourcing processing power to a remote machine in some server farm. Yeah, maybe "drivatars" or cloud movement in the sky, but nothing that would massively impact the gameplay.

We'll see in a year or so.

It isn't "Theory" I highly suggest you take a look into nVidia's cloud based rendering approaches.
The technology for this exists today and has been demonstrated today.