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See as I have 22 games listed so far in this thread, looks like I should add the rest of the games

Rive Switch 171119
Wonder Boy: The Dragons Trap Switch 171130
Mighty Gunvolt Burst Switch 171225
Flame in the Flood Switch 171225
Earth Atlantis Switch 171225
Axiom Verge: multiverse Edition Switch 171227
Poi: Explorer Edition Switch 171227
End is Nigh, The Switch 171227
Tiny Barbarian DX Switch 171227
Ittle Dew 2+ Switch 171227
Resident Evil Revelations Collection Switch 171227
Just Dance 2017 Switch 1711XX
Fe Switch 180322
Battle Chasers Switch 180526
Steamworld Dig 2 Switch 180526
Shaq Fu Switch
Octopath Traveller Switch 180718
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana Switch 180718

Not sure if I count Steamworld Dig 2 twice? Ive bought it both digitally and physically. If not, disregard from the one here.