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Pemalite said:
HoloDust said:

If that thing about collision detection done locally is true (which implies game logic running locally), then I guess at least same or similar CPU is required to be in cloud box as well in full offline box.

Shouldn't have any reliance on hardware in that regard, you aren't having identical tasks being done on both machines, only more time-sensitive tasks done locally.
Although... Some Azure servers are running 8-core Haswell CPU's @ 3.2ghz... Which completely and utterly decimates the Jaguar chips... Only CPU AMD has that could compete with that is Ryzen.

I have to admit I really don't have a clue were collision detection comes in game engines, and what other steps CPU has to finish before getting to collision - my assumption (probably erroneous) is it needs to do the whole game logic locally and then send data to cloud for rendering, from which I draw conclusion that it needs same or similar CPU as full Scarlet.