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Jumpin said:
deskpro2k3 said:

Trump could've said something more diplomatic than that instead of the beating the chest kind of talk on twitter. On the other hand, war with Iran is a whole other ball game, you can fit both Iraq, and Afghanistan in it, and probably 2-3 Texas in there as well.

Allies with Iran, or at least very friendly.
1 Iraq.
2 Lebanon.
3 Palestinian Authority.
4 Russia.
5 Syria.
6 Venezuela.
7 Serbia.
8 China.
9 N.Korea.
10 Oman.

You guys keep saying Trump, but the reality is that when it comes to military action, that's the US, not Trump. Yes Trump gave the orders, but the US is following those orders. The US already know a tantrum-addicted 2 year old girl shouldn't be leading the US, and yet they let someone with that exact mentality do it anyway.

The US has been attacking Iranian allies from the beginning.
Attacking Yemen.
Attacking Lebanese anti-ISIS forces.
Attacking Syria.

The US bombed women and children in Syria.

Most of the US didn't even voted for him. To get technical, a republican president haven't won the popular vote since 1989. People need to start voting out the republican senators.