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Mar1217 said:
Pemalite said:

Erm. Maybe you missed the part where the "traditional" console is retained?
Have garbage internet? Then the streaming box ain't for you, buy the console that isn't meant for streaming.

But since the streaming box is probably made with budget sensitive people in mind. You would  think that most of them don't have the bugdet for neither the traditional version or good internet and data cap which is necessary for the streaming box.

Then buy a last gen console or wait for prices to drop.

Ganoncrotch said:
I mean... for this to best the X1X you're going to need native 4k streaming ability.. that's not going to happen on the majority of the worlds internet right now, unless there is something I'm missing this is a machine which is going to be bouncing around the resolutions like a copy of Wolfenstein 2 on the Switch when the action kicks off... except it's not going to be determined by action on screen but by your housemates desires to download something.

1) The Xbox One X doesn't render every game at 4k.
2) Resolution doesn't equate to a games graphics fidelity in it's entirety.
3) A dynamic video resolution will likely be employed, if you have a 15Mbps~ internet connection, then 4k is more than feasible with h.265, only got 2mbps? Then stiff. 720P it is.
4) The streaming box would be an option to buy, you aren't forced to buy that in place of a "traditional" styled fixed-home console.

setsunatenshi said:
Mnementh said:
That sounds indeed interesting. If they nail the latency issues and have a good price on their streaming stuff, I might own my first XBox.

@bold: I agree, if they somehow manage to bend the laws of physics that would indeed be impressive :D

They aren't trying to break the laws of physics?
Not everything rendered in a games scene is actually rendered/calculated at the same time... Because an individual isn't going to notice if something like the games weather system is 10 seconds behind the games tick rate rather than 1 second.

drkohler said:
Here's my question:
If that streaming box is not a powerful console, wouldn't a generic XBox1S already be powerful enough? So why would one need to buy this streaming box at all if one owned an XBox1S?

They may have updated the video decode blocks on the SoC (H.266?) so it can more efficiently decode the streams compression algorithm, decoding video can actually be extremely demanding on hardware, especially next-gen video coding.
Another aspect is that it might feature a significantly beefier CPU at the expense of GPU and RAM counts in order to handle some more localized, time-sensitive tasks.

HoloDust said:

If that thing about collision detection done locally is true (which implies game logic running locally), then I guess at least same or similar CPU is required to be in cloud box as well in full offline box.

Shouldn't have any reliance on hardware in that regard, you aren't having identical tasks being done on both machines, only more time-sensitive tasks done locally.
Although... Some Azure servers are running 8-core Haswell CPU's @ 3.2ghz... Which completely and utterly decimates the Jaguar chips... Only CPU AMD has that could compete with that is Ryzen.