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drkohler said:
Here's my question:
If that streaming box is not a powerful console, wouldn't a generic XBox1S already be powerful enough?
So why would one need to buy this streaming box at all if one owned an XBox1S?

it could require a hardware solution, that the Xbox One S just doesnt have.

You ll still need to fork out another 125$ or so, for this streaming console.

Streaming console
+its cheap (125$ vs 400-500$)
-input delay is greater than normal console (more difficult to aim in shooters, harder to time jumps in platformers ect)
-less graphics (compression leads to loss of quality, even if minor its there)
-requires internet/servers to be up to play any and all games
-requires Unlimited Download Internet types, or this will end up costing you more than a normal console.

Could be a hit... I could see Playstation guy thats mainly want to try 1 or 2 Xbox games, getting this type of console, for as a console for kids too.

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