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Mandalore76 said:
DonFerrari said:

1) So instead of discussing you rather dismiss.

2) What have got into VGC these days that all people asking "you don't care about this product so why are you discussing", If we go and look at your 517 posts they will be all about product you bought right?

3) Let's do more attacks.

So basically instead of replying to the post that on your mind have totally missed the point you just decided to do 3 different personal attacks for the sake of it?


I really think you need to have a good long look in the mirror, because what you are describing is you:

DonFerrari on 28 May 2018

It relates to you calling people biased and talking about hate. So please show the Sony games you played or move on. Either aknowledge your bias or stop showing on threads as if you were unbiased.

DonFerrari on 28 May 2018

And you watched a negative video of a game you don't want to play because?  Also waiting for you to prove you are unbiased or say you are.

DonFerrari on 28 May 2018   

No problem you watching Jim, just curious why you would watch negative reviews on a game you don't care on a platform you never play. Will you list the PS games you played yet?

DonFerrari on 01 June 2018

Well I am someone that even if I like the person or format of what they do just watch if the content itself holds some interest to me. Otherwise it bores me.


I won't go over the fact that it's against rules of the forum to post things from other threads, but anyway let's go.

He says he is unbiased (won't name him because he isn't on the thread), fair and in another thread that he doesn't go to threads of products he doesn't care. So I asked him his PSN ID to verify that he really cared. If he said he doesn't have the game, system or said he is biased towards MS (I have no issue accepting I'm biased towards Sony or was to Sega) I would say ok, thanks for after 4 years finally saying it.

If you look at the thread it was some dozen back and forth without any dismissing of his claims, it was dismiss of him pretending to be neutral or interested, his claims regarding the game were dully answered.

Anything else?

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