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Some people on VGC doesn't see a problem in a game costing 1M to make, selling for 60USD for 10M people and rack in over 300M in profits.... but they will day in and out complain about companies that put 100M to make a game sell 5M copies at the same 60USD to make 50M profit.

I rather have the money I pay being utilized to push the games I buy to the limit then defending that they took a lot of effort to disguise low investiment in graphics behind retro look.

Wow, so in your opinion, all the work that went into the story, the battle system, the abundant hours of content, the voice acting, and soundtrack (all of which have been highly praised) were only done to "disguise the low investment in graphics".  Just... wow.  I would argue that Square put more care into some of those aspects than they do their "AAA" flagship Final Fantasy series.  I have often found the voice acting and dialogue in particular in Final Fantasy games to be so atrocious and off-putting as to make me not want to play the game regardless of how "pretty" the graphics look.  Some people appreciate the total sum of a game's parts.  I'd much rather the money I spend go to a total enjoyable package, rather than a game that took a lot of effort pushing graphics to disguise a low investment in the actual game itself.

Did you purpousely misinterpreted the defense of "art direction" that is used for cartoon looks that need low investment in graphics and transported to everything else?

But still, get the size of the team and time to develop compared to let's say Final Fantasy and see how both compare. You'll certainly see which had more work done.

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