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drkohler said:

Now consider next: What happened to all those millions of (expensive, not cheap) Kinect2 chips and parts that were never put into Kinect2s? How much did that fiasco cost? Kinect2 is not cheap at all to manufacture. It is a brilliant technical gadget that (imo unnecessarily) died in its infancy.

I doubt they overproduced millions of Kinect parts which are now filling up warehouses. They probably stopped producing them long before announcing their plans of a kinect-less Xbox One and they were selling off the rest as optional accessories for Xbox One consoles and PCs for years.

drkohler said:

How do you value the many VR businesses that MS bought out during development of the XBox1  (which probably could also have been a preemptive strike against competitors)? What are all those VR people doing now which were supposed to do XBox1 VR stuff?

Which Xbox1 VR stuff? Kinect ain't VR.

And which VR businesses did they buy during development of the XBox1?

The VR experts they hired were probably all helping to develop "Windows mixed reality" over the last years which includes the full spectrum from VR to AR.